Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired!

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Ever experience feelings of frustration, anger, a bit of jealousy, and defeat as you try to achieve your goals with no positive result AND while you're watching others speak of all of their successes?!? Yeah, no fun trying to put on a brave face and say congrats while you're feeling lost and hopeless about your own goals.

Do you feel that all of your responsibilities as mom, wife, employee, entrepreneur, sister, friend, and daughter has gotten the best of you and you no longer recognize who YOU are? And let's not even speak of the extra responsibilities that many of us have right now in either homeschooling our children or still having to monitor them while in virtual school.

Sis, I know that it's a lot and can, at times, feel overwhelming with so much to do and it's not a good feeling! Achieving your goals can happen and I promise that it doesn't have to cause you stress and depression nor cause you to lose your mentality.

Time after time, I speak to women who have tried everything that they know how to do or what someone else has told them to do to reach their goals. What I've come to realize, after speaking with them and learning of all that they've done, is that the actions they've taken aren't the best actions nor were those taught actions able to truly help them see the success they desired!

Despite your many attempts, today, I want to encourage you to keep going and never allow yourself to give up. To do that, you must have some very important success pieces in place. The right coach, the right strategy and the right mindset... Today, I will address your mindset and offer the Five Pillars of Perseverance that I breathe, speak and teach everyday.

With so much happening in the world, talks of pivoting and adjusting and being virtually connected to more people, it's important to ensure a healthy mindset so that success has a portal through to you. This requires you to analyze yourself, your thinking, behaviors and actions and get in alignment with your purpose.

If you implement these pillars into your life today and regularly revisit them, life will get much simpler, allowing you to create a clear path towards achieving your goals.

If you change your mindset to start learning from your past mistakes, you'll be that much closer to achieving success!

Who are the people in you rlife that's zapping all of your energy? Where are the mental places that you shouldn't visit? What physical things are you holding on to?

Now that you've revealed the PPPs in your life that are not serving you nor your purpose, it's time to let it all go!

After assessing pillar one of your life, you've now begun to see the lessons from many of your past mistakes. It's now time to create a plan and make your move!

After going through each pillar, you've made some life changes to get to the best version of YOU. Let's celebrate you! And remember to always celebrate your achievements, great and small.

By embracing and regularly implementing these pillars into your life, you are guaranteed to start living the life YOU want to live while reminding yourself of WHO you are and the goals that you will achieve.

To read more about the Five Pillars of Perseverance, stay tuned as I share more details in future blog posts!

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